Thursday, January 29, 2009

Best of Friends

I'm truly lucky in life to have friends like Melissa. Check out her newest blog entry. Thanks Melissa for brightening my life. Your friendship has meant so much to me.

Monday, January 12, 2009

elf in training . . .

We had a wonderful first Christmas with Gavin. Here are some of my favorite shots from the day. . .

Gavin, look what Santa left us under the tree. Is that for me?

opening gifts with daddy . . .

Grandpa Dial, what did you get from Santa?

Gavin's own big boy chair - thanks Grandma Dial!

we enjoyed a yummy prime rib dinner.

Great Grandparents - so sweet

nothing better than snuggling with a sleeping baby Gavin. This is what bliss looks like . . .

But next year I've decided that we're not leaving our house . . . you'll have to come to us on Christmas day. :-)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yesterday morning started off okay . . . up at 5:45am feed Gavin and get him dressed. It was downhill after that . . . While waiting for Karl to finish getting himself ready I was playing with Gavin and his adorable new snow boots. I stood him up and saw it - a little dark spot creeping out of the back of his pants and up his back. Now we are seriously moments away from putting him in his car seat.

"Karl he's pooped his pants and it's leaking up his back - I'm going to change his diaper and outfit.," I shouted out. This should have been a fairly quick exercise, but once I opened him up it wasn't just leaking up the back. It was down the leg and on the socks. Up the back all the way to his shoulders. Gavin just smiling through it all. Karl peeps his head in to see what's taking so long at this point. He surveys the scene and says he can get into work late, because he knows I'm thinking, "This kid needs a bath."

So I strip him down and give him a quick bath - no shampooing the hair, just soap him up and hose him down.

Back on the changing tabble just as I'm pulling out the new diaper . . . he turns into a fountain. Peeing eveywhere! I gasp - which sends Karl running to the room. He helps me clean it up and I finish putting on the new diaper.

I get the new pants on and ask Karl to put the jacket on while I search for the baby comb (it's never where I left it). We're so close to getting them out the door and then just as Karl goes to put Gavin's second arm in . . . he spits up on Karl. Karl who is fully dressed and read to walk out the door now has baby spit-up running down his arm and pooling in the elbow of his dress shirt. I help mop it up but Karl decides that spit-up is not the odor he wants to share with his co-workers and needs to now change his shirt.

So finally with both boys in their second outfits of the day and it's not even 7:00am - I send them out the door (SIGH). Being a mom is harder some days than others. :-)