Thursday, November 20, 2008

Monday Is Coming . . .

I've long dreaded this coming Monday, it's the day I'll return to work and leave my son for longer than I've ever been away. He'll be bottle fed for multiple feedings in a row and be comforted by another's loving arms. [Sigh] I write this through tears.

I'm not sure how I'll hold it together to make it through a day's work. Good thing my boss is understanding. I called my office today to check in and remind them that yes I really am coming back. I cried when I got off the phone. Not because I don't like working, actually I love working. And I'm good at what I do, but I am a better mom. Actually I enjoy being a mom way more than I thought I would. That may sound crazy to other moms, but I really thought the baby phase would be so boring and to be honest it is a little dull at times. Yet I love him so much. I know my baby so well. Will anyone else be able to calm him down like I can? Will they make him laugh like I can or tell when he needs a nap?

He's starting to try new things and he's just really discovered his hands. Staring at them constantly and grabbing things. Plus he wants to sit and roll over. I'll miss those milestones and I hate that.

It's killing me that I'll be away for so many hours during the week. I keep telling myself that I'm lucky though . . . he'll be with grandparents who love him. Adore him and will spoil him with love, attention and toys. I'm so grateful for our families and the support they provide. I don't know what we'd do without them.

So keep me in your thoughts and prayers this Monday. Lord knows I'll need them and probably a box of tissues next to my computer for every time a co-worker asks "How's the baby?"
PS On a lighter note . . . Here's the new 'do!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Change is in the air . . .

This weekend we were busy, very busy working on the house. My uncle Chuck helped Karl start tiling the kitchen backsplash. I hope it's finished before Christmas! Check out the progress so far.

This is how it looks after two days. Now there is just like a trillion custom cuts that have to happen and then maybe I'll get my stove back in its proper place.
To get any serious home improvement project started right you must include your infant child . . . so Karl dressed Gavin in work clothes, but all the lazy kid did really did was hangout with the ladies. That's okay because he's so cute!
My aunt Sandy (my mom's sister) and cousin Jaci came and played with Gavin, but the real baby lover was Gwen, Chuck's Mom. (Although she may not be directly related, she's like a Grandmother to me in many ways.) I think Gwen has her mother's touch, Gavin calmed right down just being in her arms!

New tile on the walls isn't the only new look around our house. I've followed in the foot steps of many moms before me and today I cut off my long hair after having a baby. I didn't think I'd do it, but there is a reason so many of us do. For me, I was just sick of the pony tail. Everyday, the same old look. Pulled back and boring! Now I just hope to find the extra time to actually do the new 'do. No pictures yet, but maybe tomorrow. Karl has to get home first and see what I've done to myself. Hope he likes it! :-)

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Check out Jeana's pictures from our photo session on Friday . . .

Thanks Jeana!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Fun

Our little tiger! Roar!

Most of the day Gavin spent as a little tiger. I had a tail and a cat mask, so we made quite a pair.

Although he did have a costume change and with a swaddle blanket's help transformed into a FOOTBALL!

Of course to complete his football outfit he had a Dallas Cowboys onsie underneath. (Thanks to Misie who brought it all the way from Texas!)

Side Note: Karl is amazed that he has the ability to influence Gavin preferences. Karl's still grappling with whether or not he will let Gavin choose his own NFL team or be a Cowboys fan like his father. Based on the Cowboys performance this season I'm guessing Gavin may have his own team. Maybe next year with a new stadium Cowboys will be better and Gavin will be a fan. Here's hoping . . . at least for Karl!

Anyway we celebrated Halloween with James, Kim and Sophia . . . they understand why we get tired at 8:30. And the need to take pictures every 5 minutes. Plus their house has all the baby gear so we don't have to have to travel with so much stuff. Oh did I mention we think they're fabulous too! Even before we had the kiddies.

Sophia - one cute chick! Gavin - one cool little tiger!

Hope you had a great Halloween too!

More Apple Picking Pics

Thanks to James for sharing his pictures!

(Not that there was any doubt. He always does!)

This was one of my favorites.

Looks like it could be a magazine shot of friends

having fun with their babies.

But it's our real life! :-)

Can you believe we all - two infant car seats and four adults - fit in one car?

I'm still amazed!